San Francisco Christian School

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As one of the best private high schools in San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Christian School offers Godly wisdom, wholesome family values, and a world-class education to students from the Bay Area and around the world. From strong academics, including technology and the arts, to exceptional extracurricular activities like the top-performing school choir in the area, we offer something for every student. We provide an accessible private education that extends from kindergarten through high school, and we gladly welcome students of all backgrounds.

We accept international students for grades K-11 (and 12th grade U.S. transfer). Our international school admissions process has 4 steps: application, interview, deposit, and enrollment. 


TOEFL Junior Standard Test (7th-10th)  Min. score of 645

iTEP SLATE (7th+)  Min. score of 3.5 

TOEFL iBT (11th+)  Min. score of 60 

IELTS (11th+)  Band Score of 5     


We now live in an information-based economy–an economy that requires critical thinking, creativity, and technological literacy. At San Francisco Christian School, we don’t teach our students how to merely exist in our digital world, we teach them how to be innovative leaders equipped with the 21st century skills required to develop this digital world.

Middle school students are enrolled in computer science classes and are immersed in the usage of computer coding and programming, keyboarding skills, and computer processing software. Each student participates in our campus STEM events.

High school students choose from various technology courses including Computer Applications, Advanced Computers, Robotics, AP Computer Science, and AP Computer Science Principles. Students can join the Robotics Club, where they put their programming knowledge and engineering skills to the test at robotics tournaments.

Laptops are available for middle school and high school students who need them. Interactive eTextbooks are available for various subjects.

SFCS competes as a Division 5 school in the California Private School Athletic League (CPSAL) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Students in fifth grade, middle school, and high school are encouraged to develop skills and character by participating in the school’s athletic programs. SFC athletics give students an opportunity to compete, provide opportunities for Christian role models, relationships, and friendships, promote the value of teamwork, establish discipline, provide an avenue for conditioning and physical fitness, teach time management skills, and promote character development. Students involved in sports must maintain a 2.0 GPA with no more than one “F” in any class and no incompletes. Athletes are expected to maintain at least a “C-“ in Bible class. (Under California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) guidelines, a student with a GPA under 2.0 maybe granted special permission to participate for a limited amount of time during a probationary period.)

The Middle School participates in the San Francisco Independent Athletic League (SFIAL). The High School participates in the Private School Athletic League (PSAL). Current High School sports offered are soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Middle school sports offered are volleyball, basketball, and futsal. 


Middle school students are instructed in voice performance, music theory, and music history in their general music education classes. Students can also choose from band and string ensemble. High school students choose from band, string ensemble, choir, and music theory, any one of which will meet their fine arts graduation requirement. Students display their progress in their music instruction during our school programs, fine arts festivals, and at local nursing homes. 


Middle school students enroll in art class multiple times a week. They are introduced to the basic elements and principles of art through different techniques including print making, drawing, and painting.

High school students choose from multiple art classes from introductory to advanced:    

  • Introduction to Graphic Arts – An introduction to the basic elements and principles of art, as well as a comprehensive survey of art history.   
  • Photography – A study of digital photography and postproduction using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. A progression from capturing simple objects to people and situations, and the exploration of storytelling.
  • Publications – A study of graphic design and journalism culminating in the production of the school yearbook. Utilization of Adobe software such as Photoshop and Indesign.
  • AP Studio Art – A refinement of technical skills with life drawings using charcoal, acrylic, and color with an emphasis on storytelling and communicating ideas. A survey of art history. Prerequisite: Introduction to Graphic Arts

School Details

School Type: Private, Co-ed
Grades: K-12