Clonlara School

Clonlara School is a non-profit organization, established in 1967 by Pat Montgomery, PhD. Clonlara School’s two educational programs provide services that recognize each learner’s curiosity, strengths, interests and talents as the foundation of his or her educational experience. We have both a Home Based Education Program that serves students worldwide, and a Campus Program located in Ann Arbor, MI. Both programs serve K-12 students.

The Clonlara School philosophy is that a school must empower students to participate purposefully and eagerly in their own education. We believe that learning begins with curiosity. Our experience in providing an open environment that fosters creativity has confirmed our belief that children learn best when their interests guide their activities. Clonlara School believes that parents have the right and ability to educate their own children. Clonlara School views the world as the classroom and considers the learning environment integral to the learning process. We believe that a school should allow its students to participate in the design and application of the curriculum. We believe that academic learning and the mastery of skills are not limited by the location in which they are sought, either in a school or at home. Our approach to education leads to a lifelong love of learning.

Clonlara School is welcoming: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, nationality or ethnic origin in administration of our educational and admissions policies.

  • Clonlara services students in 38 countries
  • International Student YCAP Program

Clonlara School is partnered with the Youth International program run through the Universal English Language Institute (UELI) to provide an enriching ESL emersion program for students to learn the English language (while Clonlara is issuing credit for that work) and readying students to matriculate into the Clonlara School classrooms. Students enroll in both programs, begin with Youth International (classes held right on the Clonlara campus) and once the student’s language skills are proficient enough, students join in the integrated classrooms. Earning credit through the entire process.

Through Youth International students receive 25 hours per week of instruction (both in the classroom and through guided field trips and visits to the community) to strengthen their English skills from conversation to written abilities. Programs start every 4 weeks.

We have a Homestay program to provide an immersion housing option. Clonlara School is SEVIS approved and able to handle all I20 and visa paperwork. Students completing our graduation requirements may earn an accredited high school diploma from Clonlara School.


1289 Jewett Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

School Details

School Type: Co-ed
Grades: K-12
Campus Size: N/A
Total Enrollment: 50