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New Jersey spells variety in every aspect. With a vibrant clash of agricultural land, forests, national parks, beaches and big city vibes, it’s the perfect place to experience everything the East Coast has to offer. New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the U.S., with a blend of cultures and landscapes. Four distinct seasons, quaint New England architecture, and rich history make it one of the best places for international students to live and study.

Why Study in New Jersey?

Students from all over the world are drawn to New Jersey’s balance of urban and small town living. Along with its magnificent state parks and stunning lighthouses, the state is home to more boardwalks than anywhere else in the United States. Museums, such as the Thomas Edison Museum at Menlo Park or the Princeton University Art Museum, offer a chance to expand your knowledge outside of the classroom. Hike the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, learn about New Jersey’s role in the American Revolution and take a trip to Ellis Island, where many immigrants first entered the country and history was made. Though it may be small, the state of New Jersey is strategically located for day trips to New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington D.C. If you’re looking for a place packed with history and culture, New Jersey might be just the state for you!

New Jersey Schools

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Student Testimonials

High School Student

This is my first time coming to America. I feel very wonderful. The scenery is beautiful and the sky is clear. I live close to Pismo Beach. My homestay family is friendly. They will take me to play every week. The school has many activities and a robotics class. It has improved my vision of the world. After class, I always participate in conversations with students. This is my great life.

Host Family

Our experience with the AmeriStudent organization has been the best! The students have enriched our lives and created a bond that will last a lifetime! I can’t wait to see how their lives will develop. Thank you for allowing our family to be part of the kids future!

High School Student

Can’t believe I improved my English so much in five months! Here is just like my family. I love my life in America!

Host Family

Not only a rewarding experience but…Making new lifelong friends around the country with families!

Winter Camp Student

The homestay is nice,the childrens in school are friendly,I’m have fun and learn a lot in this trip!

Winter Camp Student

I like all the American food! I like playing basketball with American students here!