High School International Students in SLO County

High school exchange programs in San Luis Obispo are a fantastic way to learn both excellent college-prep methods and Californian culture. Since the city is nestled in Central California, it sees a mix of all the characteristics that make the Golden State so great: city life, beach vibes, gorgeous farmland, independent artistry, and state of the art high schools.

Why Study at a SLO County High School?

When you study at a SLO County high school, you can not only receive a prestigious education but also take in some of the amazing sights, entertainment, and adventures San Luis Obispo offers.

You can take in those famous Californian rays along the glorious Pismo Beach which includes 17 miles of pristine surfing. For more of a nature escape, you can head to Lopez Lake for 4,200 acres of trails, campgrounds, and wildlife or Bishop Peak for a popular hike up a giant landmass formed from volcanic magma over 20 million years ago. 

History buffs can discover more about SLO’s rich past at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art filled with fascinating local contemporary art pieces, and the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is a must-see with its origins going back to 1772, California’s fifth oldest missionary spot.

After a long day’s work of studying, students can visit the Farmer’s Market for live music and fresh food, then walk to the Fremont Theater, SLO’s downtown historic movie theater dating back to 1942 with iconic neons and super-retro interiors. Keep in mind you’ll also be near world-renowned destinations like Hearst Castle, a stunning getaway for sight-seeing California’s rich architecture and rolling hills.

To top it off, San Luis Obispo schools are also perfect representations of California’s reputable, scholarly potential.   

San Luis Obispo County High Schools

AmeriStudent is dedicated to partnering with academic institutions that can provide excellent education and cater to arising needs during international exchange programs for high school students. We want every student to feel welcome in their community, grow to their highest capability, and leave their program feeling inspired to take on the next step of life.

San Luis Obispo High School logo

San Luis Obispo High School

San Luis Obispo High School, located on the east side of the city, is committed to helping all students, whether that’s preparing them for a college career or the workforce. With over 15 AP courses, 38 clubs, and 14 sports choices for boys and girls, the school places a huge emphasis on readying young adults for the changing world with academic challenges, honesty, and a zeal for life. The teachers have an average experience of 10+ years and class sizes are in the low twenties, which means parents can rest assured their academics are in good hands at this high school for international students in California.

Coastel Christian logo

Coastal Christian School

As one of the private schools in the San Luis Obispo County, Coastal Christian School is located on the hills of Pismo Beach, believes in serving local communities as well as those across the globe. Its students are known for their excellent test scores, with results being higher than 75% of students across the nation in core subjects, and the average SAT score sitting at 1260. 

Its 30 dual enrollment courses include a college partnership with Grand Canyon University, where international students have scholarship opportunities at a minimum of $4,000 a year. With small classes, attention to critical thinking skills, and a variety of extracurriculars, this international student exchange high school can be a powerful stepping stone to achieving in adult life. 

Morro Bay High School logo

Morro Bay High School

For more than 50 years Morro Bay High School has been an integral part of the California coastal community. Their mission is to equip each student with the skills to maximize their potential in the areas of academics, critical thinking, occupational skills, social development, and personal growth.

This mission is represented well with their wide range of academics, sports, arts, and extracurriculars that are available for students to engage their interests and passion. Morro Bay High School’s 43-acre campus is unique in that it is one of only a few schools in the country bordering the Pacific Ocean. The campus has 60 classrooms, a multi-purpose room, two gymnasiums, locker rooms, a library, and offices.

Mission College logo

Mission College Prep Catholic High School

As the last of the AmeriStudent-partnered San Luis Obispo private schools, Mission College Prep Catholic High School believes in assisting students in reaching their most authentic and best selves to succeed in everything they do. 

Their wide variety of classes, sports, arts, and clubs reflect this ideal, making sure there are many interests international students can explore. The school offers over 70 college-prep courses approved by the University of California along with 5 honors classes, 13 AP courses, and a caring faculty to help students navigate the learning process. For the last 8 years, this SLO high school has maintained a stunning 99% college acceptance rate by helping students learn to be the top independent thinkers and leaders of their time.

How to Become an International Student

Study at a school in San Luis Obispo and become an international student. We know the information can seem intimidating at first, which is why our trained staff are here to help with any questions and concerns you have.  

Finding the Right High School Exchange Programs

Choosing a program is a very individualistic process, as there are a few determining factors based on you as a person.

Would you rather live in a bustling city or rural area? How long would you like to stay abroad? Do you want to attend a school with a lot of extracurricular options or one that’s more curriculum centric? Would you prefer a public or private school?

Answering questions like those above is a great way to narrow down exactly what you want out of a high school experience in California.

Find the Perfect Host Family

We don’t take your homestay experience lightly, which is why we put extra care in making sure you find the right family for you. Host families will be providing an inviting, safe space, so you can feel comfortable exploring the area, developing your academic capabilities, and forging incredible friendships. They’re essential to your success. 

Selecting a host family is similar to choosing a program– it helps to think about your requirements.  

If you have allergies, you might want a pet-free household, or a family who can work with your dietary restrictions. If you have religious needs, a family who shares similar values might be important to you. Or, if you prefer plenty of peace and quiet, you might want a family with less or older children. 

Student Testimonials

High School Student

This is my first time coming to America. I feel very wonderful. The scenery is beautiful and the sky is clear. I live close to Pismo Beach. My homestay family is friendly. They will take me to play every week. The school has many activities and a robotics class. It has improved my vision of the world. After class, I always participate in conversations with students. This is my great life.

Host Family

Our experience with the AmeriStudent organization has been the best! The students have enriched our lives and created a bond that will last a lifetime! I can’t wait to see how their lives will develop. Thank you for allowing our family to be part of the kids future!

High School Student

Can’t believe I improved my English so much in five months! Here is just like my family. I love my life in America!

Host Family

Not only a rewarding experience but…Making new lifelong friends around the country with families!

Winter Camp Student

The homestay is nice,the childrens in school are friendly,I’m have fun and learn a lot in this trip!

Winter Camp Student

I like all the American food! I like playing basketball with American students here!

How to Host an International Student in SLO County

Families who live in San Luis Obispo and want to host a student just need to fill out a simple application. It’s a quick 15-minute process that includes answering basic questions about your household as well as submitting pictures of your home. 

Afterward, with your permission, a series of background checks are conducted on all of the adults living in your household. Once the checks are cleared, an in-home interview takes place where we can address any remaining questions you may have. 

Upon agreement, your student flies to California, and your international student adventure begins with our trained staff on-call to help 24/7!

Requirements to Host an International Student

Our students’ safety and comfort is the top priority for us, which means there are a few basic requirements for opening up your home. You must be able to provide 3 meals per day, a private bedroom with some form of a study area, laundry facilities, and transportation to and from school.

Getting Paid to Host International Students

A family’s ability to host a student can mean additional household expenditures. This is why we offer one of the most generous payment stipends in the U.S. for international student programs, monthly payments range from $1,000-$1,400. If you’d like to work out the exact number for your household you can speak to one of our representatives. 

Host Family Spotlight

Michele Schanley

Host Family

Many of our host families have different talents and hobbies to share with AmeriStudents. Michele hosts students from Village Christian School, and shares her interest in cooking and meal prepping with her student Camille. Together they chopped, diced, and bagged all the fresh ingredients to be ready to use for future meals. Many of our students like to cook, and Michele does a great job involving her student in the process!

Why Choose AmeriStudent?

Students and families play intricate roles in high school exchange programs, and we want both parties to walk away from their last day feeling fulfilled, inspired, and happy with their selection. Through 24/7 support, amazing programs, rigorous schools, and fantastic locations, AmeriStudent offers the experience of a lifetime. 

If you’re looking to attend San Luis Obispo’s incredible schools and explore its beautiful surrounding areas, apply as a student.

If you and your family live in San Luis Obispo and are looking to invest in the world’s future adults and make money in the process, apply as a host family.

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