High School International Students in San Jose

San Jose, California is the perfect location to prepare students for future endeavors. The city is brimming with elite schools, world-renowned tech businesses, beautiful landscapes, and a creative spirit. If you’re looking to study abroad, it’s a great contestant to add to your list of top locations.

Why Study Abroad in San Jose?

San Jose is an amazing city to explore for international students, and it offers more than just year-round warm weather. It’s home to prestigious universities like Stanford and Santa Clara University, as well as dominating tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook. 

When you’re not touring any of these legendary business headquarters, you can visit the Tech Museum of Innovation or see Steve Jobs’ childhood garage where the first Apple computer was built.

For a more artistic scene, head to the San Jose Museum of Art to view 2,500 modern and contemporary works, take a stroll downtown on a Friday night during the South First Fridays Art Walk to mingle with artists and locals.

As if its huge technology and art compass weren’t enough, San Jose is also named one of the healthiest cities in the United State, commended for its green commuting efforts, and includes top of the line high schools for international students.

San Jose High Schools

International students can find their choice of high schools in San Jose nothing but exceptional, as AmeriStudent only partners with schools dedicated to ensuring their students’ success, while incorporating plenty of advanced courses, extracurriculars, and programs that aid international students in transitioning to American student life.

Modesto Christian School logo

Modesto Christian School

On the list of best high schools in San Jose is Modesto Christian School, where 98% of students graduate and attend college with some even being accepted to UCLA, UC Berkeley, and the University of Washington. Courses include 15 AP, 11 Honors, and 3 Dual Enrollment, while extracurriculars consist of sports like basketball, soccer, softball, and football and others such as Interact Club, National Art Honor Society, and the California Scholastic Federalization.

Valley Christian Schools logo

Valley Christian Schools

As one of the private high schools in San Jose, Valley Christian Schools stress the importance of an individual, customized learning plan to amplify each student’s high school journey and prepare them for the world. Students have an array of tools and resources like 1:1 iPad technology, Academic and College Counseling staff, as well as their Dual Credit Program to pace out their years and feel confident in their academic decisions.

Quarry School logo

The Quarry Lane School

In 2007, The Quarry Lane School, an international student exchange high school, introduced an International Academy program offering English as a second language to students from around the world. This 3-campus, 10-acre school is also an International Baccalaureate World School. With extracurriculars like jazz band, theater, dance, student council, Model UN, flag football, and volleyball assure there’s always something to participate in after a day of classes

How to Become an International Student

International high school students in the US who want a San Jose, CA homestay have a few decisions to make, like deciding how long to stay, finding the right school, and choosing a host family. Our 24/7 on-call, trained staff is here to support you with any questions or concerns about becoming an international student.

How to Find the Right International Student Program

Choosing a program depends on your answers to a few questions.

  • How long would you like to stay abroad?
  • To you, what aspects would make for good high schools in San Jose?– A large number of advanced courses? Extracurriculars? Tech and art programs?
  • Would you prefer living in a city or rural area?

Answer the above questions honestly, and it can help narrow down which international student program is right for you.

How to Find the Perfect Host Family

Host families are essential to every student’s experience, which is why we take family-student matches seriously. They will be providing a safe, comfortable home, as well as all of the extra support to succeed in your overseas adventure.

To find the ideal host family, figure out your needs and overall expectations. You can use the questions below to work out what’s most important to you.  

  • Would you prefer a large or small family?
  • Would you prefer your host family to have similar interests as you? 
  • Do you have any allergies to household pets?
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions or religious needs?

Student Testimonials

High School Student

This is my first time coming to America. I feel very wonderful. The scenery is beautiful and the sky is clear. I live close to Pismo Beach. My homestay family is friendly. They will take me to play every week. The school has many activities and a robotics class. It has improved my vision of the world. After class, I always participate in conversations with students. This is my great life.

Host Family

Our experience with the AmeriStudent organization has been the best! The students have enriched our lives and created a bond that will last a lifetime! I can’t wait to see how their lives will develop. Thank you for allowing our family to be part of the kids future!

High School Student

Can’t believe I improved my English so much in five months! Here is just like my family. I love my life in America!

Host Family

Not only a rewarding experience but…Making new lifelong friends around the country with families!

Winter Camp Student

The homestay is nice,the childrens in school are friendly,I’m have fun and learn a lot in this trip!

Winter Camp Student

I like all the American food! I like playing basketball with American students here!

How to Host an International Student in San Jose

At first, a potential host family in San Jose must fill out an application to host an international student. The application is a quick 15-minute process and requests information like listing household members, submitting photos of your home, and adding references.

After your application is approved, we do a background check on all of the adult family members living in your home. Depending on your background check’s success, we’ll then start matching you with possible international students.

Once your family and the student have agreed on a match, your program coordinator will complete an in-home interview to address any remaining concerns or questions. After finalizations, your international student will fly to your home, and you can begin your host family adventure alongside round-the-clock support from AmeriStudent staff.

Requirements to Host an International Student

You must be able to contribute a private bedroom with a study area, laundry amenities, 2 meals on weekdays, 3 meals on weekends, and transportation to and from school. These requirements go hand in hand with providing basic hospitality measures, like cleanliness, kindness, and comfort.

Do You Get Paid to Host an International Student?

Caring for another household member is a huge responsibility, and we understand it may come with a financial burden. This is why we take extra thought into making sure our host families feel like they’re being cared for as well. 

AmeriStudent offers one of the most charitable stipends in the United States with payments usually ranging between $1,000-$1,400 a month. For a more exact number, you can speak to our team who can help you. 

At the end of the day, hosting a student offers more benefits than just creating powerful friendships and positive impacts, as it even goes down to making money in the process.

Hosting an International Student Tips

Hosting a student can come easier with a few tips to help guide you. When they first arrive, try to make them feel comfortable and have a clean, private bedroom ready. Put the effort in surpassing the cultural divide by making their favorite, native meal or learning some of their language. Include them in regular family routines, whether that be at the dinner table or out and about San Jose.

Host Family Spotlight

Michele Schanley

Host Family

Many of our host families have different talents and hobbies to share with AmeriStudents. Michele hosts students from Village Christian School, and shares her interest in cooking and meal prepping with her student Camille. Together they chopped, diced, and bagged all the fresh ingredients to be ready to use for future meals. Many of our students like to cook, and Michele does a great job involving her student in the process!

Why Host Families and International Students Choose AmeriStudent

Families and students utilize AmeriStudent because of how much detail goes into our programs. Studying abroad needs to be as painless as possible for all involved, and we go above and beyond in making sure everyone leaves their experience feeling like it was more than worth it.

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