High School International Students in San Diego

San Diego is a great international student location. Not only is it home to elite high schools with rigorous college-prep programs, but it’s also culturally diverse and welcoming. San Diego has proven to provide positive and life-changing experiences for our students.

Why Study Abroad in San Diego?

San Diego is one of the best study abroad locations in the country. International students will be immersed in the region’s multicultural pride. Based on its proximity to Mexico, among other factors, the city of San Diego reports it as being “one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places in the nation.”

Furthermore, the high schools in San Diego are some of the finest and most welcoming schools in California. The educational institutions that we partner with ensure diverse campuses and focus on college prep through coursework and extracurricular activities.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also several world-famous attractions throughout the city, like the San Diego Zoo. Couple that with the region’s pleasant year-round weather, and students will have so many reasons to venture out and explore their new surroundings.

San Diego High Schools

AmeriStudent carefully selects the San Diego high schools it chooses to partner with. We look for schools that focus on preparing international students for college, provide small class sizes, low student-to-teacher ratios, and thriving extracurricular programs.

Maranatha Christian Schools Logo

Maranatha Christian Schools

Maranatha Christian Schools is one of the best places to study in San Diego. This accredited high school provides an encouraging and nurturing environment that leaves students equipped and college-bound.

Maranatha asks that international students possess an “intermediate level of English proficiency, strong academic skills, solid personal character, and a level of maturity that allows them to assume personal responsibility for daily living.”

Christian Unified Schools Logo

Christian Unified Schools

Christian Unified Schools teaches students to think, learn, and live from a biblical worldview. Dedicated to a balanced education, international students are given all of the opportunities of American students, including the chance to partake in AP classes and extracurricular activities. 

Christian High School’s international program “tests and places students from all over the world in appropriate content-based classes while offering language support classes in English, United States history, and bible [studies].”

How to Become an International Student

The path to becoming an international student begins with AmeriStudent. There is always research and planning involved with the study abroad process. However, our staff are here to assist with finding the proper exchange program, location, and host family to fit your unique and individual needs.

How to Find the Right International Student Program

Finding the right study abroad program depends on several factors. It’s always important to ask and answer a few questions first. Do you prefer a modern city, like San Diego, or a rural small-town atmosphere?

There are many great schools in southern California that can influence the location you choose. Clearly defining your goals and standards will help us assist you in choosing the best study abroad program to fit your needs.

How to Find the Perfect Host Family

AmeriStudent knows exactly how to find host families for foreign exchange students. Choosing your host family is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning to study abroad.

A host family is the first and most crucial contact you will have when arriving in the U.S. The experience with your host family will be immersive. Time spent together can help you enhance your English language skills while also introducing you to American culture and customs.

It comes as no surprise to learn that international students and members of their host families often develop lifelong friendships. Having helped thousands of students find their perfect host families, you can put your faith in us to do it again.

Student Testimonials

High School Student

This is my first time coming to America. I feel very wonderful. The scenery is beautiful and the sky is clear. I live close to Pismo Beach. My homestay family is friendly. They will take me to play every week. The school has many activities and a robotics class. It has improved my vision of the world. After class, I always participate in conversations with students. This is my great life.

Host Family

Our experience with the AmeriStudent organization has been the best! The students have enriched our lives and created a bond that will last a lifetime! I can’t wait to see how their lives will develop. Thank you for allowing our family to be part of the kids future!

High School Student

Can’t believe I improved my English so much in five months! Here is just like my family. I love my life in America!

Host Family

Not only a rewarding experience but…Making new lifelong friends around the country with families!

Winter Camp Student

The homestay is nice,the childrens in school are friendly,I’m have fun and learn a lot in this trip!

Winter Camp Student

I like all the American food! I like playing basketball with American students here!

How to Host an International Student in San Diego

Hosting foreign exchange students in San Diego starts the same way it does in all of AmeriStudent’s locations.

Every host family begins by filling out an application. Don’t worry, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete, but provides us with a glimpse of your home and family life. During this stage, we ask for a list of contacts and family members in your home. We also request a few photographs of your family and home’s interior.

After an initial background check comes back free and clear, we can start the matching process with compatible students from across the world. At this stage, a thorough and complete background check is performed on every adult member in the household.

Next comes an in-home interview and a family meet-and-greet with a program coordinator. Lastly, there will be an agreement, student placement, and unconditional, around-the-clock support from AmeriStudent staff.

Requirements to Host an International Student

Safety, structure, and a loving home are our top priorities for choosing a host family. In order to ensure each of our international students receive these standards, AmeriStudent has set forth requirements that all families must meet.

There must be a private bedroom with a desk/place to study available for your student. Host families must also ensure the student receives transportation to and from school, two meals per weekday, three meals on the weekend, and a laundry facility to use.

Do You Get Paid to Host an International Student?

Host families receive a generous monthly stipend to house, feed, and care for international students. However, we’ve found that the best host families are the ones who are motivated by the desire to learn and grow from the experience.

Today, being paid to host international students is the norm. And that’s completely understandable considering the stipend helps to offset the expenses we mentioned. It has also made hosting international students more appealing to a variety of families.

If you’re hosting a long-term high school student during the academic year, you can reasonably expect to receive a stipend ranging from $1000 – $1400 per month. Providing you with a definitive amount depends on a few factors that can be discussed with one of our representatives.

Hosting an International Student Tips

One of our best tips for hosting international students is to have host families view the experience in a series of three stages.

The first stage takes place before your student arrives. You’ll want to ensure you have important paperwork handy and that your training is complete. We also recommend preparing your student’s room by creating a clean, inviting, and homey space for them. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the student’s school schedule and calendar.

The second stage is when your student arrives. Give them a tour of your home. Show them their room and help them feel at ease in this new and unfamiliar environment. Share house rules and expectations. Encourage your student to speak and do your best to communicate in a few of their native words. Be flexible with meals and let them rest.

The third stage happens after your student is settled. Keep them engaged and involve them in your family’s activities. Be sensitive to cultural differences and how that might influence the way you and your student communicate. Ask AmeriStudent for help anytime you need it and do your best to handle challenges with patience and perseverance.

Host Family Spotlight

Michele Schanley

Host Family

Many of our host families have different talents and hobbies to share with AmeriStudents. Michele hosts students from Village Christian School, and shares her interest in cooking and meal prepping with her student Camille. Together they chopped, diced, and bagged all the fresh ingredients to be ready to use for future meals. Many of our students like to cook, and Michele does a great job involving her student in the process!

Why Host Families and International Students Choose AmeriStudent

Host families and international students choose AmeriStudent because we care about the small things as much as the big picture. Our application and matching processes are detail-oriented and focus on mutual happiness and success. We also put the safety, experience, and education of our students at the forefront of everything we do.

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