FAQ’s for Students

Why is homestay a great choice for students?

Homestay is a cultural exchange between a local individual or family (called a host) and a visiting student. The student lives for an agreed period of time with the host. One purpose of the homestay can be to support the student’s desire to improve his or her English-speaking skills and learn about American culture and lifestyles. It also offers an opportunity for the host family to learn about the student’s culture. A homestay is the best way for students to become familiar with America; research shows that students who begin their visit with a homestay accommodation become immersed in the language and culture more easily.

How does homestay work?

StudentRoomStay Concierge (SRS Concierge) will match each student with a carefully selected host family located as near as we can to the student’s place of education. The host will provide the student with a private bedroom and an agreed-upon meal plan and will assist them in learning the local customs and transportation systems, as well as generally helping the student become acquainted with the American lifestyle. Students are encouraged to share information about their home cultures and countries as our hosts will also wish to have a unique cultural experience.

What does homestay cost?

SRS Concierge provides several accommodations and meal options for students to choose from. In general, homestay is an economical choice for students and will include a private bedroom with a place to study, internet access, an agreed-upon meal plan, use of the SRS Concierge website and services, 24/7 critical-incident support and optional airport transfer. There is a one-time application fee per student. You will receive complete details specific to your requirements after you submit your application.

Please visit our pricing page to learn more.

How close will I live to my education provider?

SRS Concierge uses a sophisticated technology that matches students firstly to the right host (according to their living preferences) and then to the proximity of their education provider location. We aim to enable students to travel via public transportation to their school within a reasonable time frame.  Your host will make sure that you are comfortable using the local public transportation system to provide reasonable support for you to get back and forth to school and home.

What does the application process involve? How do I apply?

Click here to access the student application. Once you complete the application, an email will be sent to your email address. The email will include an activation link to your SRS Concierge account; just click and log in. The more information that you give us in the application the better the chance we have of getting you the right host match.

How long is a homestay?

Unless you are under 18 years of age – the length of the homestay is completely up to the student. Over 18 year old students are recommended to stay for their first four weeks in the country, just to get settled. Sometimes students choose to live with a particular family throughout their whole educational stay in the United States.

How is the SRS Concierge program different from other homestay options?

SRS Concierge hosts are carefully screened and selected to ensure that they are committed to providing a great experience to our students. We require a national, criminal background check of all host family members over 18. Our homestay model has operated successfully for years with effective procedures, processes and systems so that we can fulfill the highest standards in the industry. Every service we offer is designed to ensure that students are safe, comfortable, and successful during their time in our program. You will be greeted at the airport (by prior arrangement) by your host family who is ready to welcome you.

How are hosts selected for your program?

The safety and well-being of each SRS Concierge student is our top priority. SRS Concierge uses a background check and in-home screening and interview processes to make sure that our hosts are able and willing to provide an environment that will create a comfortable, pleasant homestay experience. All hosts are required to take an online training course and successfully pass the exam. We offer additional content to assist hosts online in our Host Management System, which includes further in-depth cultural orientation and ideas for supporting a great homestay. All SRS Concierge hosts must speak English in the home.

How does SRS Concierge ensure a successful homestay?

Student welfare is our top priority. In addition to the thorough screening process we administer to our hosts, SRS Concierge provides the use of our Host Management System to provide online training for hosts, cultural-orientation materials for all participants and a private system that promotes regular, confidential communication between SRS Concierge management, students and hosts. We have a professionally staffed 24/7 critical-incident hotline that hosts and students can use should an emergency arise. We will attempt to resolve locally any issues or miscommunications that may arise and generally our host managers are able to seek a suitable resolution. If there are unresolvable issues that cannot be addressed, we will move a student to another homestay.

What rules do I have to follow while I’m living with a homestay host?

SRS Concierge has a Student Code of Conduct which all Students are expected to adhere to. Your host will review their house rules with you as they orient you to their home. You should make sure you understand and agree to these rules. If you have questions about any rules or other information your host provides, you can contact SRS Concierge directly through your private account online.

Is there a member of SRS Concierge I can contact in case of emergencies?

We have a professionally staffed 24/7 help hotline that hosts and students can use should an emergency arise. Each community we work with has a local manager who serves as your primary point of contact for any questions regarding your homestay.

Is homestay only for International Students?

Homestay is not just for international students. We arrange placements for both international and domestic students completing an internship, work/volunteer placement or short-stay tours. There is an expectation the Student will be out of the home each weekday (Monday-Friday) attending pre-arranged activities.